By Bonnie Durkin - 9/27/22

By Bonnie Durkin - 9/27/22

Author, Speaker, Energy Alignment Practitioner & Personal Empowerment Coach

Are ANT'S Stealing Your Joy?

Unless you are paying attention to what you are feeling and then practicing good daily emotional hygiene by processing patterns of thought that don’t feel good, ANT’s may be overwhelming your mind and stealing your joy.

Let me explain. ANTs stand for Automatic Negative Thoughts and scientist say that the average person has about 45,000 of them each day! This may sound bad, but the worst part is that thoughts with negative emotions attached to them create a physiological response in our bodies.

The amygdala (survival) part of our brain perceives negative emotions as a signal that danger is present and so it activates the stress response to give us the ability to run for our lives.

This is wonderful if you are faced with true physical danger but not so great if it gets activated throughout your day because of what you are thinking about.

Overtime the physiological reactions of the “stress response” can create havoc with our physical and emotional wellbeing including digestive issues, tension in muscles, headaches, weight gain, diminished immune function, insomnia, anxiety, inability to concentrate, depression and much more.

So, what can you do about it?

  • Start becoming more aware of what you are thinking about throughout the day and how those thoughts feel.
  • Process & release daily stresses, upsets, resentments & worries using your favorite energy healing techniques.
  • Limit negative input: STOP before you read, watch, or listen to anything and ask yourself:
  • Does focusing on this feel good or bad?
  • Is this something that I want to experience for myself?
  • Does this add to my happiness & well-being or detract from it?
  • Is this empowering or dis-empowering to think about?
  • Is this life affirming or life detracting?
  • Do I want to bring the essence of this into my life?

What you think about really matters because what you are thinking is not only affecting your physical body and your emotions, but it’s also affecting what you are attracting into your experience.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. – Bonnie

The In-Active Box

This process comes from Abraham-Hicks and it’s a great way to start changing the energy & breaking the cycle of your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).

Get yourself an empty tissue box and write on it: “Whatever is in this box is de-activated and does not affect me and my vibration.”

Get a small notebook and anytime you are aware that you are thinking about something that feels bad and you don’t want to add any energy to it, write it on a page. For example: “I am de-activating this fear that my child will have an accident while driving.” Rip off the page fold it and put it into the inactive box with the intention of letting it go.

Note: You can use your smart phone notes or talk to text if you don’t have your notebook & box nearby and then just write it down & put it in the box when you get home.

 I have found this to be a truly amazing and simple process to help me break long held repetitive patterns of unwanted thoughts.

 Just so you know, you may have to write the same thing down over & over again for many days but then all of a sudden, you’ll realize you’re not thinking about it anymore!

Happy In-Activating! – Bonnie

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