Tapping & Emotion Code for Animals

Does a Furry Friend Have Behavioral, Emotional, or Physical Issues You Haven't Been Able to Resolve?

When traumatic or emotionally upsetting things happen to animals it can affect them just as it can affect people. Strong negative emotional energy sometimes becomes trapped in the animal’s body and can cause lingering emotional & physical affects. Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code calls this trapped energy, Trapped Emotions.
Tapping & Releasing Your Animals Trapped Emotions Can Help With:
Tapping for Animals
Just like Emotion Code, Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help release past traumatic events that your animal may have suffered and help solve behavioral and health problems. It’s also very effective in helping you, the animal’s person work through any feelings that you may have regarding your animal and the issue they are experiencing. Animals are like emotional sponges, and they pick up on their person’s emotions and can be affected by them.

During a session we use a 3-Part Protocol. Part One – talk about - your animal while tapping, and how you feel about them and whatever is going on with them. Part Two – talk to - your animal while tapping, imagining that they can understand you. Part Three – talk as if – pretend that you can step into your animals’ paws/hooves and talk as if you are them, while you tap.

This is an amazingly effective processes and I've seen all kinds of wonderful results come from these sessions.

Tapping for animals is done on zoom with the animal’s person and myself. The animal does not need to be present in the room. We use a surrogate tapping protocol where I will guide you and you will tap on yourself for your animal.
Tapping for Animals Sessions are 60-minutes and include Emotion Code.
Sessions are 60 Minutes for $125.00
Emotion Code sessions for your animal friends take place remotely and can be done by email or phone. I will email you a form to fill out to send back to me along with a picture of your animal, when you book your session.
Single Sessions are 20 minutes for $45.00
2 Session Special - $85.00

Chester & BuoyChester was an adorable 10-week-old mixed breed puppy that we got from a rescue agency. When we first got him, he was scared to go down stairs and would just sit at the top of them and cry until someone picked him up and carried him down. I did a brief EFT Tapping session with him and after a couple of rounds of tapping on myself for him, I went to the bottom of the stairs and called him. He stood at the top and wined a little and then tentatively came down 3 steps but refused to go further. I did a couple more rounds of tapping on myself for him and then went down to the bottom of the stairs and called him and he happily trotted down all the stairs and looked up at me as if to say, see I did it! After that he had no problems going down the stairs again.

Buoy was a beautiful yellow lab that we already had for 6 years when we adopted Chester. He was not happy that this new puppy had invaded his home & territory. He would either totally ignore him like he did even exist, literally turning his back on him and walking away, or if he came too close, he’d growl at him. I did a few rounds tapping on myself for Buoy and talked about how I thought he might be feeling. He slept peaceful next to me as I did this and when I was done looked up as if to say okay, I heard you. The next time Chester came close he let him come right up to him and gave him a sniff. Buoy and Chester ended becoming inseparable, best friends and spent a long life playing & snuggling together.

Nikko The Puma – My daughter spent a year working at an animal rescue in the Bolivian Amazon. One day she sent me a message through WhatsApp asking if I could do some emotion code for one of the Puma’s there. Nikko was a little Puma who they got as a cub and she was very traumatized and afraid of people. They had to move her to a new enclosure, and she was upset, anxious, constantly pacing and wouldn’t eat. I tuned into a picture of Nikko and found and released 3 trapped emotions back from when she was a cub. Nervousness, Sadness & Lack of Control. My daughter got back to me the next day and told me it was like she was a totally different cat. She was happy, playful and eating and she lay down next to my daughter and started purring. (Big cats purr when they’re happy just like house cats!)

Misty The Chihuahua – Nina contacted me because her Chihuahua Misty was exhibiting fear & anxiety around strangers and growling & snaping at people who came into her house to visit. I first checked Nina and found that she had 8 Trapped Emotions that were connected to Misty. They were: anxiety, panic, sorrow, terror, unsupported, guilt, conflict, fear. I cleared those and then found and released 4 Trapped Emotions that Misty had: Despair (puppy), helplessness (puppy), rejection, fear. Nina sent me an email 3 days later and said it was truly amazing, Misty was like a different dog! She seemed to be very relaxed, calm and content and the best part was her friend came over to visit and Misty just barked once at her and then settled down in her bed and went to sleep. In the past she would have barked continually and growled and nipped at anyone who got too close or moved too quickly.

Stanley The Tabby Cat – Barbara contacted my because her 4-year-old neutered male cat Stanley had started spraying one of the armchairs in her living room. We did a full session together which included emotion code and the 3-Part Tapping for Animals protocol. The trapped Emotions that came up for Stanley where: Defensiveness, Rejection, Betrayal & Anger. What came up during the tapping was Stanley’s feelings of anger and confusion that Barbara had started working & was gone all day and he was trying to get her attention and acting out by peeing on her favorite chair. Barbara messaged me a few days later to tell me that Stanley had not sprayed her favorite chair since our session and they were cuddling together on the chair each night after she came home.

Dr. Bradley Nelson Explains The Emotion Code