The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code

When traumatic or emotionally upsetting things happen to us, sometimes it can create trapped energy in the body that Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of The Emotion Code, calls Trapped Emotions. These trapped emotions can interfere with our body's and mind's normal functioning, and they may cause emotional and physical distress.

The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that identifies and removes Trapped Emotions from the body with the use of a magnet or your fingertips.

Trapped Emotions are harmful emotional energies that can be created by negative past events that become stuck in the body. This stuck emotional energy can cause all kinds of emotional and physical problems. Such as, feelings of anxiety, depression, pain, chronic diseases, lack of self-worth, relationship issues, blocks in moving towards your desires, and seemingly, unreasonable fear-based responses, along with many more.

The Emotion Code works by accessing your subconscious mind, that knows exactly what emotions are trapped in the body.

The subconscious mind is accessed during an Emotion Code session through muscle testing (aka applied kinesiology). Muscle testing is like a polygraph test, in that both read electrical responses that flow through the body and show results that are read as a true or false answer. It is these yes or no answers that allow us to check with the subconscious to find exactly which emotions have become trapped in the body.

Because everything is vibrating energy and we are all connected through the quantum field, during an Emotion Code Session I will tune into your energy and ask your subconscious mind questions to find the Trapped Emotions and then we will release them by running a magnet down the body’s Governing Meridian.

Session can take place via phone, zoom, skype or email.

Single Sessions are 20 minutes for $45.00
3 Session Transformation Pack - $120.00

Dr. Bradley Nelson Explains The Emotion Code

Sessions for your animal friends take place remotely and can be done by email or phone. I will email you a form to fill out to send back to me along with a picture of your animal, when you book your session.

Single Sessions are 20 minutes for $45.00
2 Session Special - $85.00

Bonnie Durkin

Bonnie Durkin is an Energy Alignment Coach, who uses a blending of creative techniques & processes to help her clients Align with their Desires and Live the Lives of their Dreams. She is the creator of “Align With Your Desires Process” “The Emotional Reset Process” & “Tapping Into Authentic Financial Success” as well as many other transformational programs. She is also the author of The “Appreciation Game: A 30-Day Process to Increase Happiness, Satisfaction & Well-Being!”

Bonnie is a certified EFT Practitioner, Success & Personal Empowerment Coach, Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, AFAA Certified PT & a Holistic Health Coach, with more than 20 years of experience of helping clients increase their emotional, physical & financial Well-Being. She was a founding member of The Tapping Solution Foundation’s Stress & Trauma Relief Team.

As an endless seeker of processes, she enjoys finding fun and creative ways to uplift and empower others to increase their happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment.

She believes that we all have the power to be, do, or have whatever we desire and that “changing our thoughts,” is the key to achieving everything we want.

She lives with her husband, happily tucked into the woods of Northwestern Connecticut.

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