By Bonnie Durkin - 11/16/22

By Bonnie Durkin - 11/16/22

Author, Speaker, Energy Alignment Practitioner & Personal Empowerment Coach

Change Your Channel, Change Your Life!

You are probably familiar with picking up the remote control and flipping through the channels looking for something that feels good to you, if you want to watch television.

Your life is a bit like a television set and your thoughts are like the different channels or emotional frequencies. In this analogy your focus would be the remote control that you use to choose the Channel you want to view.

In TV viewing and in the viewing and experiencing of your life, if you don’t like what you’re looking at, you can always change the Channel and watch something else.

Your Channel

Your “Channel” is your mood or the range of emotions that you hang out in most of the time. If you want to get a sense of what Channel you are on, ask yourself, “How do I normally feel on a typical day?”

Is your normal mood typically good, bad, or somewhere in between?
Do you wake up feeling rested, happy, and excited for the new day?
Or do you greet the day reluctantly and hit the snooze button a few times dreading to get up?
As you move through the day do you feel happy, content and interested in what you are doing or do you feel stressed, anxious, irritated, and overwhelmed?

The typical range of emotions that you hang around in is what equals your mood and sets your “Channel.”

Your Emotional Set-Point

The balance of your thoughts creates a type of “emotional set point.” All of us have a kind of “normal” range that our mood tends to stay in. It’s kind of like an emotional thermostat or range of emotions that are typical for us.

This emotional set-point is what sets the “Channel” that you are broadcasting and receiving on.

There is an emotional frequency range that goes from the heaviest of emotions; grief, depression, fear, and hopelessness all the way up to joy, appreciation, blessed, empowered and unconditional love.

Look at the chart below and see if you can pinpoint your typical mood range and what your channel is set to.

The cooperative Universe through the Law of Attraction brings to you people, circumstances and things that match your emotional set-point. How you feel emotionally is the “Channel” you are set on.

For example, if you spend a lot of time worrying about various things, your Channel is set to the worry station and you will attract back to you, things that, when they show up in your life will cause you to feel more worry.

Here’s another example, let’s say you are normally pretty happy, and you mostly expect that things usually work out for you. That’s where your channel is set and the frequency that you are sending out is going to bring back things to you that will increase your happiness and good feelings.

The Law of Attraction never takes sides or plays favorites; it just simply responds to whatever signal you are sending out!

Look at the emotional scale again and notice that on the left side there are three different attracting levels that correspond to the emotions in that range:

Positive Attraction – If your typical mood or emotional set-point is in the range of these emotions, your Channel is set to a frequency that is attracting to you, and allowing you to receive mostly what you want into your life experience.

The Channels in this range start at Hopeful and move up through Optimism, Belief, Positive Expectation, Happy, Eager, Enthusiastic, Passion, Purpose, Clarity, Unconditional Love, Grace, Empowered, Free, Blessed and Joy.

Neutral Attraction – If your typical mood or emotional set-point is in the range of these emotions, your Channel is set to a frequency that is attracting to you, more of the same experiences, people, and things that you are currently living. You might say that you are “stuck” in the same place.

The Channels in this range start at Doubt and move up through Disappointment, Overwhelmed/Stressed, Frustration/Irritation/Impatience, Boredom and Contentment.

Negative Attraction – If your typical mood or emotional set-point is in the range of these emotions, your Channel is set to a frequency that is attracting to you experiences, people and things that you do not want.

The Channels in this range start at Fear and move up through Grief, Depression, Despair, Powerlessness, Unworthiness, Guilt, Insecurity, Sadness, Jealousy, Rage, Hatred, Revenge, Anger, Discouragement, Blame, Worry, Anxiety, Doubt and Pessimism.

How to Change Your Channel

So, what Channel are you on? Where are you typically hanging out on the emotional scale?
Is it a good feeling place that brings back to you good feeling people, circumstances and things?
Do you love your life and have a steady stream of things you want flowing into it?
Or would you like to change it, maybe improve it?

I don’t know about you but I’m always open to feeling better! I believe there’s always room for improvement and that no matter how good I am feeling, I could feel even better! But that’s just me and if you’re happy with your life, wonderful! – keep doing what you’ve been doing.

But let’s say you’re interested in some improvement. Perhaps you would like to change your Channel to a better feeling station? But how?

You change your Channel by changing how you are feeling more of the time!

How do you change how you feel?

You change how you feel by changing what you are thinking about. If you want to feel better, think about things that feel better when you think them! If you’ve ever tried to stop thinking about something that you’ve been thinking a lot about you know how impossible that can be – you just can’t stop thinking about that thing you don’t want to think about! 

So, what to do?

Start thinking about something else instead of what you usually think about. Put your attention or your focus on something different. Put your attention on something that when you look at it or think about it, it feels good to you!

Since we all get to choose what Channel, we tune our thoughts to, you might want to experiment with tuning to a new Channel. My recommendation? Try tuning to: “The Blessings, Goodness, Beauty and Appreciation Channel!”

Wishing you a day filled with blessings & goodness! – Bonnie

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