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Hi! I'm Bonnie Durkin and I'm so glad that you are here!

Your natural state is one of Thriving!

You are supposed to feel good physically & emotionally.

You are supposed to be happy; you are supposed to be healthy; you are supposed to feel successful & fulfilled and be in love with yourself & your life!

If you aren't thriving in some areas of your life, it just means that you have contradictions or imbalances in your energy that are interfering with you receiving what you want.
When you learn to align your energy with your desires you can start living the life of your dreams!

Have you ever felt frustrated, angry, blocked or confused because you done so much work on yourself, but you still haven’t been able to achieve what your heart desires?

Have you ever thought, “maybe there’s something wrong with me because no matter how many courses I take or processes and techniques I try, there are certain areas of my life that still are not working the way I want?”

Perhaps it’s money, or maybe it’s career, or maybe it’s love, or your health, or maybe it’s just your general level of happiness & satisfaction with your life. But whatever your own personal “sticky” area is, you just don’t seem to be able to create what you want there.

I have important news for you. YOU are not broken and there is nothing wrong with you! You just have not been aligned with what you want to create.

When there is something that you want and you are not living it, it just means that you have practiced habits of thoughts and beliefs that are in contradiction to what you want.

Together we can discover and clear your contradictory patterns of thoughts & beliefs along with any energy imbalances and then realign them so they are a match to what you want to live.

Thoughts are energy and when your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with your desires they flow easily into your life.

When you are in consistent alignment with what you desire, you are living it - and loving it!

What Percentage Are You Aligned With Your Desire?

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Bonnie Durkin

Bonnie Durkin is an Energy Alignment Coach, who uses a blending of creative techniques & processes to help her clients Align with their Desires and Live the Lives of their Dreams. She is the creator of “Align With Your Desires Process” “The Emotional Reset Process” & “Tapping Into Authentic Financial Success” as well as many other transformational programs. She is also the author of The “Appreciation Game: A 30-Day Process to Increase Happiness, Satisfaction & Well-Being!”

Bonnie is a certified EFT Practitioner, Success & Personal Empowerment Coach, Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, AFAA Certified PT & a Holistic Health Coach, with more than 20 years of experience of helping clients increase their emotional, physical & financial Well-Being. She was a founding member of The Tapping Solution Foundation’s Stress & Trauma Relief Team.

As an endless seeker of processes, she enjoys finding fun and creative ways to uplift and empower others to increase their happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment.

She believes that we all have the power to be, do, or have whatever we desire and that “changing our thoughts,” is the key to achieving everything we want.

She lives with her husband, happily tucked into the woods of Northwestern Connecticut.

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