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“In these particularly uncertain and turbulent times, it is important to find new ways of approaching life from a positive yet realistic way. The Appreciation Game presents a clear, entertaining, and nurturing process to develop a sense of awareness and recognition of the circumstances in our everyday existence that we often overlook, but which can give our life meaning and purpose. Bonnie Durkin takes us on a 30-Day journey in a novel but very poignant way that brings to consciousness what can help us psychologically reframe our lives in order to tap into our sense of gratitude and appreciation of ourselves, others, and the world around us.” – Joseph T. Schippa, Ph.D. Clinical & Coaching Psychologist Accredited Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner

Discover the secret of deliberately taking control of your happiness and what you are attracting into your life!


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The Appreciation Game is a unique 30-Day Process that will teach you how to Play Your Way to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams!”


This book contains simple techniques & processes to help you increase positive emotions, raise your vibration, and attract positive outcomes into your life! Including:


It’s time to start attracting the happiness, money, relationships, health and success you’ve always DREAMED of and…

The Appreciation Game will SHOW YOU HOW!

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“With The Appreciation Game Book, Bonnie Durkin has taken the often confusing and overwhelming task of conscious creation and turned it into a simple, step by step journey of fun and joy. You get to learn about creating more good in your life the best way possible, by actually doing it. I was astounded at how complex
metaphysical principles are explained in a clear and loving way that everyone will be able to appreciate and understand. If you’re looking to be, have, and do more, this engaging book is for you!” – Kris Ferraro, International Energy Coach and author of “Energy Healing: Simple & Effective Practices to Become Your Own Healer” and “Manifesting: The Practical, Simple Guide to Creating the Life Want” from St. Martin’s Essentials.

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