Thank You For Signing Up For The Tapping & Emotion Code Energy Clearing & Aligning Circle!

7:00 PM Eastern on Zoom - Click the Link Below to Join

Things to Know:

Please get on at least 5 minutes before 7pm eastern. We will be starting right at 7pm and it is very disruptive once we start to have new people come on.

1. Please be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
2. Have paper (at least 4 sheets) and a pen.
3. Have a magnet for Emotion Code (refrigerator magnet is fine)
4. You will not have to share anything about your personal life with the group. There will be an opportunity at the beginning and the end to share feeling words (ie. stressed, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, peaceful, calm, etc., if you want but you don’t have to say anything).
5. You have the option of keeping your camera off if you want complete privacy.
6. Have water nearby.
7. We will end with “Upliftment” Tapping that will help raise your energy and mood – leaving you feeling really good!

Watch a Full Presentation of The Emotional Reset Process