What have you been thinking about lately?

Did you know that the thoughts that you think create physiological reactions in your body?

Thoughts that have negative emotions attached to them signal the Amygdala part of our brain that danger is present and then the Amygdala turns on the Sympathetic Nervous System which turns on the “fight or flight” response. This shifts the body’s energy resources toward fighting off a life threat or fleeing from an enemy.

The SNS signals the adrenal glands to release the hormones adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones cause the heart to beat faster, respiration rate to increase, blood vessels in the arms and legs to dilate, digestive process to change and glucose levels (sugar energy) in the bloodstream to increase to deal with the perceived emergency.

This is wonderful if you must run for your life but not so great when this response if being triggered many times each day by what you are thinking about, watching, listening to, or reading!

Scientists say the average person has more than 60,000 thoughts a day! That’s about one thought per second during every hour you’re awake! 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts you had yesterday and the day before that and 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative for the average person.

This means that the average person has more than 45,000 negative thoughts a day!

Scientists have labeled these types of thoughts ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts. These ANTS are not only cluttering up your brain with non-supportive thoughts but they are creating negative reactions in your body and mind that are affecting your health, happiness, & wellbeing and keeping you from moving forward towards your dreams.

By practicing good daily “Emotional Hygiene” you can start to process, release and reset these Automatic Negative thoughts and the issues that go with them. If you’re interested in learning how, Monday, January 24th we will be starting a 30-Day Journey where I will teach you tools and processes to help you release anxiety, stress & overwhelm, and move powerfully forward to live a happier, healthier, more deeply satisfying life!

The 30-Day Emotional Reset!

Release Negative Emotions, Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm and Find Peace, Clarity & Hope!

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Join me in a 30-Day program that will help you process, release and reset patterns of thought & negative emotions and experiences that are creating stress & anxiety and keeping you from living a happy, healthy, deeply satisfying life.

This 30 Days of group coaching, tools & processes includes:

  • 4 weekly modules
  • 4 live group sessions (recorded)
  • Daily coaching and support via private facebook group
  • Life satisfaction assessment
  • Special Bonus!- Virtual Emotion Code Release Session
Starts Monday, Oct. 3rd - 7pm Eastern

Watch the video below to learn more about The Emotional Reset Process and follow along with the group to try it out for yourself!

Bonnie Durkin

Bonnie Durkin is an Energy Alignment Coach, who uses a blending of creative techniques & processes to help her clients Align with their Desires and Live the Lives of their Dreams. She is the creator of “Empowered to Thrive” “The Emotional Reset Process” & “Tapping Into Authentic Financial Success” as well as many other transformational programs. She is also the author of The “Appreciation Game: A 30-Day Process to Increase Happiness, Satisfaction & Well-Being!”

Bonnie is a certified EFT Practitioner, Success & Personal Empowerment Coach, Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, AFAA Certified PT & Holistic Health Coach, with more than 20 years of experience of helping clients increase their emotional, physical & financial Well-Being.

As an endless seeker of processes, she enjoys finding fun and creative ways to uplift and empower others to increase their happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment.

She believes that we all have the power to be, do, or have whatever we desire and that “changing our thoughts,” is the key to achieving everything we want.

She lives with her husband, happily tucked into the woods of Northwestern Connecticut.